Post match interview : Liverpool vs Manchester united, October 14

Jose Mourinho described Manchester United’s 0-0 draw against Liverpool at Anfield as positive points. The Reds kept an unbeaten record in the Premier League by playing a draw against Jurgen Klopp’s men on Merseyside. This is what the boss had to say in his interview after match with Sky Sports.(Liverpool vs Manchester United, October 14 )


Liverpool vs Manchester United, October 14 “In the first half we had the ball and we remained compact, we had a few shots in the second half, played with a very strong midfield of [Emre] Can, [Georginio] Wijnaldum and [Jordan] Henderson I had no one on the bench to change the direction of the game, I thought they were afraid of our counterattack. I tried to improve what I expected [Jurgen Klopp] to break a little more, but he did not let it break, long? A point at Anfield is fine.


In the first half, we had very good chances and a good control of the match.” [Nemanja] Matic was tired in the second half. I had no solution on the bench. I tried my substitutions to for dynamic attack .But We actually lost power, energy and control in midfield.


“I think Klopp was good, he did not let the game break, I think [Jesse] Lingard and [Marcus] Rashford were waiting for the game to break, but that was not the case, I think ‘they were very good team’ The only chance I had to change the direction of the game was to get the players to have speed and maybe they would change their training but they did not have it “The second half was like a chess game, but my opponent did not open the door to win the game.”


“We went through three points, but in the second half, we had problems with the game and the dynamic I was hoping Jurgen would change to attack more but kept the three solid players all the time and had control. and Matic, and when I brought in Rashford and Lingard, I expected [Klopp] to change, but he kept all three, which meant his midfielder was stronger today.

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