Blame to Lukaku are Injustified

Manchester united vs Benfica champions league 2017/18 preview

It seems unfair that Romelu Lukaku draws any criticism after his early life at Manchester United.

The Belgian provided the only shot of the Reds on the target during the 0-0 draw at Liverpool. His compatriot Simon Mignolet plunged to reject him with Ashley Young unable to take advantage of the rebound.

This unique moment has already been used in some circles to pursue the narrative that the young man of 24 years does not deliver in the great games. However, it is absurd and I am sure it will dispel the myth in the coming months as the large-scale aircraft continue.

It is difficult to understand why his goal against Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup, the current champion of Europe  is excluded in this argument.

Lukaku hastened to settle in Old Trafford . And unlike a large number of long-time strikers, has accumulated enviable statistics from the beginning. With a second goal of the whole campaign, including the international for Belgium, on Saturday. He has only 11 goals in 11 meetings for the club. If this ratio continues, no one can complain.

All the stats used to back up a Lukaku suggestion are ineffective against the big teams that ignore their West Brom triplet against United in Sir Alex’s last game in charge. And in fact their work for the Baggies was impressive in this field . For Everton, his 14 goals in 49 league and cup matches against the top six were not as impressive as their overall standings. But the Toffees had a poor record in those games (nine of 49 wins).

So let’s see your show at Merseyside this weekend with a little more detail. Plowing a solitary groove in attack, he often cut an isolated figure. He had to face the intent intentions of Liverpool’s central defenders. It is fair to say that he did not have too many opportunities to show the attack that has wreaked havoc on other clubs this quarter.

There was only one opening, towards the end of the first half.  when he was at the end of the best Reds’ move and his shot had the power to beat Mignolet but not the direction. The Liverpool goalkeeper made a decent save . And  with visitors who can not bother him later. There is a sense of inevitability that this will be a missed opportunity.

However, it would be exceptionally difficult for the great striker.  You only have to look back at that time last year. When Zlatan Ibrahimovic could not turn his head towards the goal of our only clear vision of the goal. No wonder no one would accuse the Swede of not being the man for the big occasion, as he has repeatedly shown in his brilliant career.

Lukaku still has to do that, of course. But he is only 24 years old and is often forgotten. His record is incredible and the way he adapted to life at Old Trafford can only be applauded. It will be there at the end of the game. In Lisbon against Benfica, and will be in the way of goals.

Over time, there will be no debate over their ability to find the network in the larger games. He is in a club where he will have the opportunity to do so. He will have ample opportunities to silence sceptics once and for all.

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